Love Hate

Love Hate was the last assignment for our photography club. We had to take 2 images; one that represented “Love” and one that represented “Hate”. These would need to sit next to each other as a double page spread.

I decided on two routes. The first of which I turned my living room into a studio to take some still life shots. For “Love” I decided to take a photo of a bottle of red wine. I do love a glass (or a bottle) of red! And for “Hate” I took a shot of a packet of cigarettes, vile things.

I shot the images, allowing space for text to go above the main image. This was the first time I had set up any kind of still life since I was at college years ago. I had my small flash gun, a torch and some candles as lighting and just played around.

Overall I was satisfied with the images, but they are not exactly hugely creative or ground breaking!

My second route was to get out on the road and take some images out in the country. I love being in the country but I truly hate fly tipping, and despise the people who do it.

After about half an hour driving around Kent I found 4 different fly tipping sites. So I had plenty of options for my “Hate” shot. But I wanted a nice sunny shot of the country side to contrast the “Hate” shot. It was a miserable grey and overcast day! Although I did take photos of several different locations, the light was really flat so I cheated (only a little) and used a shot I had taken the weekend before on a walk around Collingtree, near Northampton.

So that was my first assignment. Not exactly the greatest images in the world, but I had fun taking them and I learnt a few things. The smell of cigarette smoke makes me sick. Overcast days are rubbish for taking photos. There is more fly tipping going on than I thought. And finally I need a lot more practice.

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