The latest assignment for the photography club was “Incongruity”. The assignment was set by visiting photographer Adam Hinton. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it and missed meeting him.  After viewing his online portfolio I was keen to meet him and see what he had to say about my incongruity images.

I struggled to get a shot that really defined “Incongruity”, all the shots I had taken didn’t really work or were just plain weak! (At best). So I wasn’t really feeling to confident. Then whilst having a pint with a colleague he pointed out that the pub opposite the one we were sitting in, was the perfect example. An old 4 story brick building covered in flower boxes bursting with colour and life, being dwarfed by two monstrous glass office blocks. Fantastic, I now just needed my camera!  Which was back in the office. So after work, with half an hour until the Photography club met I run back to the pub and took a bunch of shots. unfortunately the light at lunch was perfect, and now the was a whacking great shadow from an adjacent building falling across my lovely old pub!

Oh well, here is my shot…

Now because I didn’t have anything taken specificly for the assignment, I took a look through my old shot to see if anything struck the right note.

And there was this one. Taken a couple of months ago at the anti capitalist  protest in Parliament Square. I just managed to get this shot of the Bentley passing in front of the banner reading “Capitalism isn’t working” . I think the guy in the back of the Bentley will disagree!

Unfortunately, Adam wasn’t able to come in. So most of the club didn’t show.

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