Housing – Guardian Camera Club

This months Guardian Camera Club assignment was titled Housing. This is my first assignment and was looking forward to get out and take some shots. You can see the club feed here.

I wanted to create a set of 6 images that show the contrast of the housing around where I work and the county side living near my home.

After work one night I took a wonder around the buildings that surround my office, hidden behind Westminster Cathedral. The Cathedral itself is an impressive building, and is unlike any other Cathedral in London. Many of the residential buildings around the area have clearly had design inspiration taken from the Cathedral.

My second set of 3 images were take in the village of Shoreham, near Sevenoaks in Kent. This little country village offers everything that London doesn’t. Small community, surrounded by endless country side. Walking through the village and along the country path that follows the river Darenth to the private fishing lake at Lullingstone Castle, I was presented with a great variety of different housing to shoot, from Cottages on the river, rickety old homes and Small county mansion.

You can see larger versions of these images and other shots from my walks in London and Shoreham on my Flickr page.

Please feel free to give me feed back and review my images, all constructive criticism is welcome.

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