Long Exposure

The latest guest to our work photography club was Photographer Todd Antony. His portfolio is an eclectic mix of his personal and commercial work. As with most photographers, his personal work is a reflection of what drives him, in Todd’s case, travel and exploration. After taking us on a journey through his work, he set us our new assignment.

Play with different lights (tungsten, halogen fluorescent, moonlight etc) and different exposures – the subject matter is up to you.

Everyday on my way in to work I pass Battersea Power Station, and have wanted to photograph it for ages. The iconic building, still the largest brick structure in Europe, was built in the 1930’s and then extended in the 1950’s (Power Station A & B). Although mostly disused it is still one of London’s most recognisable landmarks.

Our assignment was the perfect excuse for me to photograph Battersea. The industrial sites and residential buildings that surround the site gave me a variety of different light sources. The light pollution of London its self would effect the colour of the sky. And passing planes would leave trails of blinking lights in the night.

On my walk down to Battersea, I arrived at Vauxhall bridge. the lights of the cars and busses crossing the bridge and the lights on the water from the buildings around, meant I had to stop and take some shots.

So here are my shots, at night, long exposure, in London, for the first time. Having never take night photography before, I was extremely happy with the results.

Vauxhall Bridge at Night

Battersea Power Station at Night

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