Automotive Photography Part 1 – Guardian Camera Club

So this months assignment is to take photos of cars. My first thought was to call a friend that works for Porsche, go vist the showroom and snap a load of images of my favorite sports car. My first problem was that I was only able to get there on a Sunday, and they were closed. That’s OK, I’ll go next week. On reflection, not such a bad thing. The images I would have taken would have been a bit cliché. I’ll still go and take the shot, but for my own benefit and my love of Porsches.

After a little think. I decided I would take my very mundane and uninteresting 5 year old Seat Leon and try and make it look a bit more interesting. I had 2 locations in mind. The first is a little industrial estate that would be deserted on a Sunday. I wanted to use the harsh horizontal and vertical lines created by the warehouse corrugated walls to contrast the curves of the car and exaggerate the sleekness making it feel more sporty.

Leon in industrial estate 2

The second location was the entrance to some local woods. I wanted the shots here to give a more rugged and adventurous feel to the car. In the woods the silver body work would really stand out from the baron and leafless trees. The branches would also create interesting reflections on the windows, almost like dark veins running through the car.

Leon in Oldbury Woods 2

Do I think that I have created some wonderful, new and exciting images of cars?

No, but I do like the images and they do make the car more exciting.

Because the assignment has just started, I not submitting them yet. I’m putting my thinking cap on and seeing what else I can come up with.

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