Book One

Book One Cover

Standing on the peak of Kala Pattar in the Nepalese Himalaya, I looked through the view finder of a borrowed 35mm Film SLR, framed Everest and its neighbouring mountain, then pressed the shutter button. I had been using the camera on auto and semi-auto settings the entire trip. I had taken film with me but that hadn’t lasted long. So I was now using film brought from the tea shops along my mountain journey, most of it years out of date! It would be another few weeks before I would see the result from that press of a button.
Throughout my three week trip to Nepal, my joy of photography had grown, it helped being surrounded by the most stunning scenery I had ever seen. I couldn’t even tell if the photos I was taking were any good. When I finally saw the prints for the first time I was both shocked and amazed at the images I had taken. It was then that I realised I must learn and develop my photography skills.

This book is the result of 5 more years and the constant pressing of the little button on the top of my camera. It documents not only moments in time that I have captured, but journeys I have taken, both learning to be a better photographer and enjoying life with my wife to be, who patiently waits while I try and get that perfect shot!

Book One is not the first chapter in my photographic journey, but it is the most significant so far.

You can preview my book here: Book One on Blurb


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