Path to the sea

Path to the sea

Path to the sea, originally uploaded by Jhy Turley.

Dungeness on the Kent coast gives a first impression of eeriness. There are decaying fishing boats, discarded nets, crates, buoys and the skeletons of fish and crab littering the stoney shoreline. Solitary fishermen sit for hours in the bitter wind casting their lines in to the English channel. There is a bleakness to the landscape, constantly overshadowed by the nuclear power station and battered by mother nature.

Yet, walking along the beach, the bitter and powerful wind seams to purge me of all the daily things that are running through my mind. Very quickly the discarded remnants along the beach become endless opportunities and subjects for my photos.

As we wonder along the shore line, we see the life that exists here. Local men, unloading their boats. Other people visiting to capture this place on camera. Students using the beach for a music video. Artist making the small wooden houses their homes and studios.

By the end of our visit, I have several memory cards of images. The possibilities here are endless.

_MG_7371 mono

_MG_7442 mono

_MG_7430 mono

_MG_7490 mono

_MG_7563 mono

_MG_7592 mono

_MG_7649 mono

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