Norman the Car Park Newt

Norman the Car Park Newt, originally uploaded by Jhy Turley.

So now all the leaves have stopped falling, it was time to clear the car park and tend to our herb pots that occupy the gap behind our car space.

When sweeping the leaves my fiancée noticed this weird little ball of a fleshy looking substance. On a closer inspection we found this little Common or Smooth Newt. Tracy immediately named him Norman. Now the strange thing is how did he find his way in to our car park, we have no ponds, streams or natural water that near to us.

Now having not taken a photo of the day for a while, this little fella (or miss) was perfect. My only problem was I have no macro lenses, or one that would allow me to get that close. So I tried all my lenses, a 17-85mm f/4 kit lens, my 50mm f/1.8 and even my 75-300mm f4.5.

How ever, not being able to get that close, let me capture the stone gargoyle Norman was sitting on, and the out of focus foliage in the background.

This was taken with my 17-85mm at 85mm f/5.7, it has the image stabiliser, so it gave me the sharpest shot.

What I am now very aware of is that buying cheaper lens are defiantly a false economy! There was a lot of camera shake from the other 2 lenses, even though the shutter speed was around 1/100th a second with my ISO set to 320 (see Norman 6).

After I used Norman as my model for Photo of the Day, we found him a nice little pile of leaves on some moist soil to keep him warm and protected.

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