Top 10 – Landscapes I want to photograph

5 years ago, after my trip to Nepal, on a charity trek to Mount Everest base camp, a spark was ignited. I wanted to take great photos. Since then I have visited many different places, and I always have my camera with me.

This is a list of places I want to visit to capture their magnificent landscapes. There are many reasons; natural beauty, incomprehensible history or simply for the adventure. There is one thing about this list, although it is a top 10, it’s in a constant state of flux, and never the same. The next issue of National Geographic I read, or travel story I hear could easily add a new place to the list, or move one of these into the top spot. And there is a simple reason for this. The world is a small place and we’re here to explore and enjoy it. Not destroy it!

So we start here…

10 – Chankillo – Peru
This is the perfect example of how this list changes. I was never aware of Chankillo until I watched Wonders of the Universe by Brian Cox, on BBC One. When I searched the internet there are very few images of the 13 towers that were constructed between about 2000 and 2350 years ago. What and amazing an inspiring place to visit.

Image found on


9 – Giants Causeway – Northan Ireland
This unique landscape is truly amazing and wondrous, it has been somewhere I’ve wanted to go for years.

Giant's Causeway

Photo taken by Baku79 found on Flickr

8 – The Canadian Rockies
To visit the Rockies is a purely adventurous ambition. I would need a few months there, firstly to explore and photograph. Then when snow comes down I can put the camera down, strap on my snowboard and have some adrenaline fun. Then pick the camera back up and capture a whole bunch of snowy landscapes. A natural play ground for all.


Photo taken by Frankwicker found on Flickr

7 – Easter Island
The stone figures of Easter Island are well documented and everyone has seen numerous images of them. But to go and stand there and see them in person would be an amazing experience.

Easter Island Moai

Photo taken by Jim Richardson found on Flickr

6 – Victoria Falls – Africa
Well to be honest, it’s not just Victoria Falls I want to photograph, but the entire area and environment that surounds the falls. An amazing and beautiful place.

Walls of water falls

Photo taken by Walk K found on Flickr

5 – Patagonia – Chile
After a chat with my cousin who visited Patagonia with the Royal Navy, I started to look at images taken there. Wow.

Lago Porteno, Patagonia

Photo taken by Chris Bryant found on Flickr

4 -Yosemite – California USA
Now I have already visited Yosemite, but I only spent a night and a day there before cycling to San Francisco. So to go and and walk in the footsteps of a photographic hero, Ansel Adams would be a dream.

Yosemite Pool

My own photo

3 – Angkor Wat – Cambodia
History, ancient architecture, adventure. Its got it all.

Angkor Wat

Photo taken by Martin Chen found on Flickr


2 -Machu Picchu – Peru
Macha Picchu has been on my list of places to visit, ever since I based an assignment at college on Inca art. Now to visit with a camera in hand would be a perfect journey to the great heights of these 15th century ruins.

Machu Picchu

Photo taken by Travelhounds13 found on Flickr

1 -The Himalayas – Nepal
And this is the big one. On my previous trip I was totally enamored by the Himalayas. To go back now, having developed my photographic skills would only add to the amazing experiences I had the last time.

Snowy morning

My own photo

Big thanks to all the people who’s photos I’ve included. Now where to first!

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