So whats been happening to my memory!

Photography time has taken a bit of a hit recently. Busy day job, wedding planning and life has all taken the front seat and left little time to dedicate to my photography.

I have managed to get out twice in the past few weeks and take  photos of  two very different sporting events. Both of which threw up a whole bunch of new challenges. The first was truck racing at Brands Hatch (you can see the images on my flickr) and the second was the London Marathon (I’m still processing the images). Which I’m sure you will agree are about as different as you can get in the world of sport.  I will elaborate more about these two days with individual blog posts about both.

One thing that was common to both days was memory and the amount of it. I use a Canon 40D. A few years old now, but a super reliable and good camera. It’s shoots 10 mega pixel images, and I always shoot in RAW to give me the ability to tweak after. Both events had loads going on and lots of action to shoot continuous frames. Luckily there was lots of light on both days making it slightly easier with fast shutter speeds. My problem came with sheer number of shots I was taking, as every split second the shot changed. It’s very difficult to read whats going on and preempt the action with a sport your unfamiliar with. Simple solution, if you want to shoot sport, become an expert. But as I’m no expert I was left with the option of shoot as much as possible. I always carry 4 cards with me. Two 4GB, one 2GB and a 1GB. All of which I filled with ease. So lots of quick editing was required to allow me to shoot more. Lesson learned. If your shooting sport, have loads of memory, take what you think you’ll need, then take some more!

Now, I had one other issue, that I guess is unavoidable. Memory cards corrupting!  When I made it home after the London Marathon, I do what I always do and copy my memory cards on to my computer, and then back it up on to an external drive. Only this time, half way through the download, a rogue file crashed my Mac. No biggy I thought, restart and continue the download. But NO. when I restarted, the memory card was no longer recognised. I tried rebooting the computer (several times), different card readers, connecting from the camera, connecting from a different camera, recovery software, online forums, IT gurus at work. Everything. And none of it worked. And worst of all, I think some of the best shots I took, the one’s where I was starting to get the hang of shooting the runners, but before the mass runners came through and the groups were too crowded.

Anyway, that card is going in the bin, well it will do after I try a few more things to recover the data.

New cards have been ordered.

Full blog entries are on their way for both days out with the camera.

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