Florence Part Three – Fiorentini

Fiorentini – the Italian name for people from Florence.

This is a collection of images I took of Fiorentini while visiting their beautiful city. All are street shots, taken without them being aware, well most of them. One guy clearly clocked my lens directed at him. He looks as if he’s staring right in to my eyes. I took a lot of people on their bikes, I really liked the way they swerved in and out of all the tourists with the greatest of ease.

Fiorentini 001

Fiorentini 005

Fiorentini 006

Fiorentini 008

Fiorentini 011

Fiorentini 013

Fiorentini 016

Fiorentini 023

Fiorentini 019

4 thoughts on “Florence Part Three – Fiorentini

      1. One of my favorite places we visited was the Leather School. See my previous post, Florence Part Two. Fiesole, a small town about 25 mins by bus, is a nice place to escape the mass tourists and for amazing panoramas or the city. And for food you really should try La Trattoria dei Quattro Leoni, mid priced but truly stunning food (remember to book, and if the weather is good, get a table outside).

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