Day trip to Brighton

After a bit of a wet and miserable couple of weeks, the Sun threatened to come out for the weekend, nice. And as it happened we were heading to Brighton for the day to see a friend for lunch. So I though it would be nice to get there early and mooch around and enjoy the seafront. Of course, I would not be going without my camera.

As we headed down the M23 we could see the dark clouds in the distance. And by the time we hit the A23 we’d lost the Sun. We arrived at 11.15 in the morning, to be greeted by a foggy sea front and the pier disappearing out of sight.

This how ever was an opportunity not to be missed. The fog added atmosphere and an eeriness to the beach and the pier. Thanks to it still being warm, people were getting in their little inflatable boats and braving a swim in the cold waters.

Brighton Sunday 021

Brighton Pier dissappearing in to the fog

Brighton Sunday 017

Brighton Sunday 026

Brighton Sunday 067

Brighton Sunday 081

Soon our friend arrived and we decided to head off in to the Lanes and find lunch. While waiting for out lunch to arrive I took the opportunity to capture a couple of portraits of my wife Tracy and our friend Sarah.



After an amazing lunch in the Dorset pub (highly recommended), we visited some of the second hand a thrift shops in the area. A treasure trove for interesting images.

Brighton Sunday 186

Lavender Bottle

Brighton Sunday 164

Second-hand guitars

Brighton Sunday 165

Brighton Sunday 151

Brighton Sunday 152

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