Life Family Tattoo: Part Two

My second visit to Life Family Tattoo didn’t disappoint. This time I spent several hours documenting the extremely talented artist and shop owner Daniel Sims. He was putting down the line work of a Thai deity, that covered his customers entire back. Artist Jack Akehurst spent the afternoon finishing a full sleeve on another customer.

Cutting to the chase. Here are some the shots. Enjoy.

LFT Session 2 44

LFT Session 2 01

We begin

LFT Session 2 05

LFT Session 2 08

LFT Session 2 10

LFT Session 2 15

LFT Session 2 18

LFT Session 2 23

LFT Session 2 33

LFT Session 2 34

LFT Session 2 36

LFT Session 2 40

LFT Session 2 41

I hope you like the images, you can see more the day on my Flickr photostream

Visit the Life Family Tattoo website

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