It’s been a while…

since my last blog post and I have a good reason; 12 weeks ago I became a Dad! The happiest day of my life. My wonderful wife gave me a little baby boy, Ethan. Life has not been the same since. As you can expect, spending time on my photography was going to take a back seat for a while. Or so I thought. I now have a stunning little model that is changing daily and is always happy to sit and watch Daddy as he clicks away.

So my journey down the road of fatherhood now has the additional learning curve of photographing children! They don’t sit still, they don’t smile on cue, they don’t look where you want, when you want. In short, they are difficult to photograph! However, what they do do, when you can capture that moment, is give you a photograph that can sum up exactly who they are in such a way it’s breath taking. Especially to the parents.

I have several friends with toddlers that I have photographed, and now with the arrival of my baby boy I have a reasonable portfolio of child and family photography. I undertook my first commission last week and it went really well.

Here are some of my favourites.

Ethan (my baby boy)



Ethan Reading. Well looking and the Pictures

Ethan and Mum

Tracy and Ethan

Ethan and Mum

Evie Black and White No.7

Evie and the Grumpy look

Sid 02

Sid 01 mono

Louis 26

Louis 33

Louis 20 Mono

Ruby and Gary
Ruby and Gary 1

Ruby (Ethan’s cousin)
Ruby in Pink

Ruby Slumpped in front of the tree

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