This collection of images came about a little by chance. They are a set of photos that document Tim and his work.  Tim is a violin and cello restorer who works from his workshop and showroom in Sevenoaks, Kent. He converted his home into his place of work, where he lovingly breaths life back into all manner of stringed instruments.

I discovered Tim and the restoration shop by accident. Stuck in traffic I turned to see the shop on Sevenoaks High Street, I had never noticed it before. Instantly I thought it looked like an unusual and interesting place that I wanted to photograph. I turned to Tracy and said “I bet that would be a great place to photograph”, so Tracy parked up, I walked in, introduced myself to Tim, and within an hour we had arranged a photo shoot for the following weekend.

Find out more about Tim and his work from his website here.

Here are a selection of my images. I hope that they do justice to Tim and his beautiful little shop.

Tim in his showroom II

Workshop Showroom II

The Entrance Showroom

Tim working on a bridge

Tim in his workshop showroom

Planes and tools

Haning Bows

Violin resting on a chair

Tool Wall


The Showroom Alt

Tim in his showroom

You can see more images on my flickr photostream.

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