Every time I step out the door and take photographs I follow a similar process. I wonder. Looking, trying to find a moment that captures my eye. Then at the end of the day I have a memory card full of moments. I take them home. Download them. First I’ll make a quick edit, then have a cup of tea. Then I’ll make a second edit. Another cup  of tea and a biscuit. Then a final selection of the images that I feel are the most interesting. These get processed then uploaded to a variety of social media and maybe my website.

Photography is all about discovery for me. Finding a moment, uncovering little nuances in the world that others might miss or simply exploring something new.

So why should exploration stop after my final selection of photos. Every now and then I like to sift through all the images I discarded, taking a fresh look and retracing a journey. It’s like travelling back in time, it re awakens the memories of the moments in every photo. Quite often I’ll find a photo I had previously discarded, that for whatever reason I choose not to share with the world. Now with fresh eyes it leaps off the screen and reminds me of the thoughts and feelings from the moment I took it.

This is a selection of those rediscovered images. Each one completely disconnected for the next but together a collection of forgotten moments.

Life Boat in the mists of the Brighton seafront.

The Ara Pacis Augustae or Altar of Peace is an altar in Rome dedicated to Peace, the Roman goddess.

The fiery sun setting with the satellite dishes of GCHQ lined up along the horizon.

Ruins of the The Forum of Caesar, part of the Imperial Fora. Monumental squares built by the Romans.

Primavera, gallery and shop opposite Kings College in Cambridge.

Paraglider and birds.

Whilst driving around the island of Khoi Samui we found this Long Tailed Macaques chained to the tree with only a couple of meters of chains movement allowed. Deep in the woodland on the edge of broken track. There was little to indicate what purpose this could serve to anyone. As we passed he just watch us with his vacant stare.

The London Eye is o
ne of London’s newest and most iconic monuments and attractions that is the subject of more photos than can be counted. I love the symmetry of this photo and the contrast between the sprawling branches and the perfectly straight cables of the wheel.

Florence Roof Tops

Gypsy Cobs Collingtree

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