Building Education. A photographic documentary.

It’s only one week until I jump on a plane for 8 hours to Entebbe airport, drive for another 5 hours to Jinja through the hussle and bussle of Kampala.

Then the fun begins. I will be visiting schools in the area that have benefited from the support of Soft Power Education. Documenting the schools, the children,  work the charity has undertaken past and present,  the staff and volunteers.

Then I’ll hop in a car and drive 8 hours north to Murchison Falls National Park to visit more schools and the charities Murchison project.

After that, back to Jinja, a mornings rest, then back to Entebbe airport and home. It’s going to be fast, frantic, hot and dusty. But I can not wait.

But. And there is always a but. I need some help. On my return I am putting together an exhibition that will raise awareness of the charities work and with a bit of luck fund one of their on going projects.

If you feel like helping, follow this link



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