Brixham Fish Market

For me one of the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer is how it allows me to explore and record people, places and subjects that would not usually be accessible.

So when my brother, Adam, head chef at Bluebells Restaurant in Sunningdale asked me to join him and some of his chefs on a trip to Brixham Fish Market, I jumped at the offer.

He was taking his chefs down to Devon so they could see where the products they use come from, understand them and essentially respect their quality. Bluebells is a fine dining restaurant and Adam strives for perfection in every dish, so the quality of produce is paramount.

Brixham Fish Market is one of the largest in Europe. It sells mainly to wholesalers like Kingfisher, our hosts and guides for the day.

We spent the day being show around by Derek, Les and Tim from Kingfisher. We toured the different warehouses that surround the dock. Exploring rows and rows of fish fresh from the sea packed in ice. They then took us to their depot to see what happens to the fish they buy, how it is graded and processed before being distributed out all over the country. All this happens in about 30 hours from the fish leaving the water.

Here are some photos from the day:
















Thanks to @KingfisherTim@derekkingfisher and the guys at Kingfisher Brixham for showing us around.

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