Welcome to my blog. This is a record of my photographic education, explorations and discovery.

My first real adventures with photography started while I was doing my National Diploma and then my Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design 15 years ago. My dad gave me his old Pentax K1000 with a 50mm lens for the course and I was introduced to the world of SLR photography. I learned how to set up a studio, develop my own film and create my own prints. The course was very technical and didn’t really focus on the art of capturing a subject or composing an image.

After I had finished college and started working in London as a junior designer for a small ad agency I didn’t really do any photography for years.

After I had finished college and started working in London as a junior designer for a small ad agency I didn’t really do any photography for years.In 2006 I went on a charity trip to the base camp on Everest. Treking for 14 days up through the foot hills of the Hymilaya and finally reaching the peak of Kala Pattar at 5,545 m. I took a friends SLR with a reasonable zoom lens (I forget which one). But with little experience using an SLR while traveling, and not much time to shoot, I stuck to the auto modes and hoped for the best. When I had the film developed after the trip I was amazed by the images and hope they reignited the memories of the trip. I realised that with a little practice my images could have been so much more.

Since my trip to Nepal,  my interest  in photography has grown and grown. Although I loved the process of developing film when I was at college, I no longer have readily available facilities and so the cost is not feasible, but one day I will have my own dark room. One day!

So for now I am exploring the world with my camera and having a lot of fun doing so.

I hope you enjoy my blog and any feed back on my images (good or bad as long as its constructive) is welcome.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Your photos really are spectacular! I think you definitely are channeling your inspirations because I can see their influence through these! You’re a really great photographer!

  2. Thanks for following us. You have such a beautiful blog, there are some wonderful photos on here, congratulations on your RPS recognition. You also have some great subjects. I particularly enjoyed the shots of London (home!) and the British food industry is a fascinating project.

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